New technologies to meet new challenges

Unquestionably, innovation is democratic. In one way or another it has the capacity to reach people, communities, industries, societies, and nations alike. What is not common to all are the ends for which each one pursues innovation. Within this highly varied context, what would be the best way to anticipate future innovations and stay ahead of the curve in challenging contexts?

In every crisis there is an opportunity. While many corporations are buried under the weight of inefficient processes and business models that do not respond to the changing needs of the market, others risk trying alternatives and opportunities to adopt the path of innovation. They focus on finding new ways of doing things. They keep their differentiators relevant and competitive while serving consumer demands.

Without a doubt, technological innovation responds to many of the current and future challenges. Below, we want to share some examples of digital solutions that we are proud to implement:

Logistics 4.0

Companies that trade in international markets often waste time and money on customs formalities or delays in international shipments and payments. Fortunately, new technologies are being created to alleviate these frictions and respond to the needs of those who operate in this industry. This led us to develop, together with our client, a proactive notification system for customs. This technology enables automation of shipment delay notifications and can also alert of customs processing issues. As a result, Logistics 4.0 technology can benefit the digitization of import document management, optimize the shipping process and be closer than ever to users, increasing the quality of the service.

A new experience for fans

While most industries have been impacted by technology, there is a unique level of passion and love for sports that fuels an unprecedented amount of innovation dedicated to modernizing and evolving the world's favorite entertainment. Technology is a global unifier that influences the way athletes train and compete as well as in the way fans engage and consume content. Digitizing the fan experience strengthens engagement, increases brand value, and drives new avenues of growth.

We understand that there is a historic opportunity to unite fans with their idols through technology. For this reason, we decided to partner and create a digital platform designed so that clubs, sports entities and celebrities can connect and link with their fans, strengthening their position in the market and generating new business opportunities. Through this platform, users are able to access a wide range of components, including breaking news, photos, videos, interactive games, data and statistics for their teams as well as rewards.

Capture ideas within a company

Regardless of whether you are part of a large or small organization, the world has changed, and its effects and challenges are equally felt by everyone. Now, more than ever, the path of survival is innovation.

In response to the question of how to accelerate implementation of solutions in times of crisis, we must begin by championing the creation of diverse ideas to seek solutions and opportunities in a collaborative and agile manner. This is how we created a digital platform that allows to capture solution-oriented ideas within an organization, select the most valuable and transform them into high impact processes, products and services.

This platform allows all collaborators within a company to propose ideas that provide solutions to specific problems. These ideas can also be evaluated and selected in the digital tool, favoring the choice of those that can impact the business and the company's strategy.

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