Agile Development Teams: Working in Squads

One of the most essential tasks for technology development is to structure and organize teams to achieve the expected results. This must be undertaken from the beginning. Tech companies staffed by highly experienced professionals understand this. They rely on an organizational method referred to as Squads.


Digital Development

It is no longer “news” that the speed of time to market represents a great competitive advantage. What is more important is the answer to the big question: What do organizations need to do to accelerate the process of implementing innovation and achieve the fast integration of new technologies into their systems?


New technologies to meet new challenges

Unquestionably, innovation is democratic. In one way or another it has the capacity to reach people, communities, industries, societies, and nations alike. What is not common to all are the ends for which each one pursues innovation. Within this highly varied context, what would be the best way to anticipate future innovations and stay ahead of the curve in challenging contexts?