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A secure online marketplace to digitize international commodity and financing transactions with blockchain technology
Global Trade Platform has two marketplaces to digitize the entire process of commodity trading and financing.

The platform generates a one stop shop for all parties involved. Global Trade Platform includes an open market for the publication and contracting of associated services, integrated financing from beginning to end for each stage of the process and portfolio management tools with investment management, alerts and risks.

Trading Exchange


Digital Certainty and Enhanced Trust with Blockchain


Integrated Trade Financing


One-Stop Shop Marketplace


Portfolio Management Tools

Global Trade Platform consists of two components or marketplaces:

An online platform to load, negotiate and execute international trade transactions.

Among its main features are the automation and digitalization of commercial documents, and a global Exchange to interconnect buyers and sellers increasing business opportunities. is a cutting edge technology solution.

CF process commodity finance loans allowing lenders and borrowers to manage the entire process from application to closing online in a centralized, secure platform with blockchain technology.