Parabolt Innovation Labs

The bridge between ideas and business innovation

Empowering entrepreneurs

At Parabolt we want to walk side by side with innovators in their journey: that's why we created Parabolt Innovation Labs.

We foster ideas and projects from the entrepreneurial world in order to create high impact disruptive digital products.

To peer into the entrepreneurial world is only the first step. The next step is to dive in.

Our curriculum

All entrepreneurs that choose to join our Innovation Labs events will be granted access to our 12 week curriculum, with both a theorical and practical approach.

Let's climb together

We are part of the gA Ecosystem, bringing the history and experience of a company founded by entrepreneurs and leading digital transformation: it's in our DNA.
We don't just have the energy, the passion and strength of will of the entrepreneurial spirit: we also have the industry knowledge, and we're close to the technologies that are shaping the future world.
  • Universities

    Parabolt Innovation Labs is associated with a different University in each city in which it operates, connecting to its academic and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  • Mentors and Professors

    Sucsessful entrepreneurs and experienced professionales from many fields give constant feedback on the entrepreneur's projects.

  • Sponsors

    We rely in a top-notch sponsor network to ensure the best experience for all participants of Parabolt Innovation Labs.

  • Partners

    We're associated to specialized partners to offer multiple benefits to entepreneurs working with Parabolt Innovation Labs.

  • Investors

    Entepreneurs have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to investors that are part of our ecosystem.

  • Government

    We interact with government in different countries in order to provide integral support and up-to-date knowledge on the local entrepreneurial community.

A growing ecosystem

Parabolt is developing significant partnerships throughout the region and in the US to ensure the best availability of resources for each of the participants in its incubation ecosystem.

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