Innovation Platforms

Promoting and supporting innovation in established companies

How we help companies

Parabolt offers established companies a framework and a portfolio of services to promote and support innovation engouraging changes in the following fields.

  • Strategy

    Vision and roadmap towards innovation

  • Culture

    Change management and culture creation

  • Organizational design

    Optimization and structure adaptation

  • Processes

    Efficacy and efficiency in an innovative enviroment

  • Execution

    Innovation, put to practice

  • Pilot projects

    Design and project advisory

Our service portfolio

Board Innovation Forum

A four hours discussion of the components of an innovative company with Board members and managers, focused on how to build innovation capabilities and organizational structures to support it.

Duration: 4 hours
Strategic Intent Workshop

An exercise with Board members and managers to identify lines of strategic innovation and how to develop them. The goal is to align efforts towards innovative ideas that are sustainable in time, based on the company's strong points.

Duration: 5 days
New Venture Design & Launch

A three months project to develop an innovative venture from idea to implementation.

Duration: 3 months
Innovation Workshop

An activity with a small, high impact group of company members to come up with and prioritize a set of ideas for potential innovative projects.

Duration: 1 day
Lighthouse Project

The creation of an idea incubator that will be the guiding star for innovation within your company, promoting the development of new assets and a worldwide innovation agenda. It focuses on four pillars: Organization and Talent, Strategy and Planning, Operations and Finances and Funding.

Duration: Flexible