Meet the sherpas

The services we provide are very diverse in nature, just like what you can find while climbing. Our multidisciplinary team is always willing to work collaboratively and venture into unknown lands with the support of their professional experience. The goal: to reach the summit all together. Get to know them!

Martín Wagmaister

Martín believes strongly that a team with strong will, diverse points of view, a hunger for challenges and the will to enjoy the journey can make a difference. Surfing, mountains and the time he spends with his daugthers give him strength. He's an economist with an MBA and studied Design Thinking at Harvard University.

Maxi Cortés

Max is passionate about building interdisciplinary teams that work together towards a common goal. He's certain that we all have a lot to give towards team success. Father of 4, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He's in charge of Parabolt's operation.

Hernán Zapata

Passionate about software engineering and learning new things, Hernán enjoys reading and spending time with his family. He's a team player, always ready to help others. He leads the Architecture group, works in the definition and design of solutions and every now and then he programs in Java, Objective-C and Go.

Marcos Previtali

Marcos is a tireless seeker of knowledge, passionate about economy and philosophy as tools for understanding technology and its impact in the world. At Parabolt, he's focused on Product Management, bringing together market needs with the development teams.

Deborah Pandra

A software engineer and PMP, Deb is a creator of initiatives and constantly seeks the synergy that comes from collaborative work. She's in charge of defining the strategy for our Innovation Lab.

Diego Liberman

Methodologist by nature and passionate about building solutions. With a technical background, Diego is a team player that coordinates and centralizes strategies, strengthens the team with agile methodologies, is always looking after the details and achieves the best possible results.

Franco Tirabasso

A Phylosophy professor according to his diploma and a techie in his soul, Franco puts his creative head and empathing heart at work to help us design innovative and market-relevant products and services, keeping in mind users and our customers.

Julia Morelli

A developer, software engineering student and illustrator, Jules is a passionate creative that pours her heart in everything she does. She works mainly in tasks related to marketing, prototyping, development and product design, and she creates videogames in her spare time.

Pablo Lagrosa

Pablo is a tireless seeker of solutions, always looking after the details that make a difference. Quite the sports person, he enjoys soccer in order to connect with his emotions. He works in functional and business analysis, product design and innovative ideas evaluation.